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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Webpage Time located?

Webpage Time is an IT solutions provider with its head office in the Karachi, Pakistan.

  1. I am concerned with not being involved with the development of my website?

At Webpage Time, we believe in communicating with our clients every step of the way. Our team of professionals will be in touch with you throughout the entire development process ensuring that what you get is what you wanted.

  1. I have so many ideas, but no one to bring them to life?

Don’t worry. Our in-house content developers will only begin developing content after understanding the needs of your business and will ensure that no content is considered final until you are satisfied.

  1. I have a graphic designer at the office. Why don’t I just have them design the website?

An in-house graphic designer might be very good with conventional design, but when it comes to website design and development you need a dedicated team of professionals who understand the technical and aesthetic needs of a website. At Webpage Time, you can avail the services of experienced professionals who understand the sensitive business of developing a website and its link to a successful business.

  1. What if I face technical issues with my website once it has been delivered?

The tech support team is just an email away and will assist you in overcoming any issues that might arise.

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